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BlackBox Overdrive 2 - Piano Black



The External Switch Mod allows all the internal switch functions to be switched from the outside without opening the pedal to access the DIP switches. Recommended if you're not a one-guitar or one-amp player, or if you like to tweak settings on the fly for tuning to a room or recording.  

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A hand-wired, 100% discrete analog, natural tube-emulating overdrive, clean boost, and tone enhancement tool with a proprietary, completely transparent tube-emulating variable and switchable JFET pre-gain clean boost control to push your BlackBox into high gear, or to squeeze more volume or fatness out of the front end.

Features three switchable circuit modes - Standard (Hi-Gain), Classic (Lo-Gain), and Clean Boost.

External Gain, Tone, Volume, Presence, and pre-gain Boost knobs, plus internal Bright/Smooth Voicing and Mode switches - highly interactive controls that tap your signal in just the right places for a HUGE spectrum of both clean and overdrive tones out of just one box. 

Extremely dynamic and vocal, with just a hair of compression and that amp-on-the-edge feel in Overdrive Modes - play softly or lower your guitar's volume, and your signal cleans up well; dig in and that hot tube growl will sing. Just a touch of mids to help cut through the mix without destroying your tone, and enough flexibility and transparency to enhance almost any setup, never detracting from the nuance and feel of the rest of your rig. 


Like to keep it simple? The BlackBox Overdrive 2 can be switched to Classic Mode to convert the entire circuit into that of the simple 3-knob BlackBox Overdrive Classic, but with way more output volume, plus the option to utilize (or not utilize) a Bright/Smooth switch and Presence control. New for 2017 - not available in 2016 models.



• Completely redesigned from the ground up, with a unique internal switching system to use the pedal in True Clean Boost Mode with tons of headroom, or to bypass the preamp boost circuit for direct access to our low-gain Classic circuit, all with significantly higher output volume than the original BluesBreaker circuits

• Bright/Smooth Voicing switch



• Internal tri-mode switch makes it three pedals in one - a pre-gain boosted Hi-Gain overdrive; our Classic Lo-Gain overdrive; and a TRUE Clean Boost 

• Carefully and beautifully hand-wired in the USA - no cheap Chinese manufacturing

• Gain, Tone, Volume, Presence and pre-gain Boost controls, plus internal Bright/Smooth Voicing switch

• True-Bypass switching for complete bypass transparency

• Absolute top-quality components, including Alpha potentiometers, Neutrik jacks, Xicon metal-film resistors, Nichicon electrolytics and Panasonic ECQ poly-film capacitors

• Military-grade 24 AWG stranded wire for durability

• Davies-style molded cream-colored knobs

• Top quality US-manufactured matte-black, gold-plated PCB 

• Socketed op-amp

• Bright (but not blinding) blue LED

• Can be powered by standard regulated power supply up to 18V

• 100% handmade, hand-drilled and hand-wired vintage-style in Denver, CO

• So clean inside ya can lick it! No rats nest wiring in these here boxes!



BlackBox Overdrive 2 (2017)

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BlackBox Overdrive 2 (2017 with External Switch Mod)

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